Follow H&M’s Monthly Articles for Ohio’s Country Journal

H&M is proud to share a partnership with Ohio’s Country Journal. We are now in our 7th year of contributing a monthly article to the publication, which serves as the premiere source of information about agribusiness and agriculture in Ohio. H&M principal, Brian Ravencraft serves as the head author for these monthly installments. Brian is … Continued

Why An Accountant is So Important

Part 1 of Our Series: Advice from Team Members With Agribusiness Backgrounds Holbrook & Manter isn’t your run of the mill accounting firm. We have been in business as a continuous firm for more than 101 years. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals from all walks of life. The walk for some of our … Continued

Ohio’s Country Journal Promotes New H&M Agribusiness Website

Thank you to our friends at Ohio’s Country Journal for promoting our new website dedicated to agribusiness. Review their coverage here: : Also, be sure to check out our monthly article published in the print edition of the journal and on their website. Penned by H&M principal, Brian Ravencraft, the articles discuss topics important to … Continued

H&M Launches Agribusiness Website

Holbrook & Manter adds a 4th URL to their family of websites. We are proud to invite you to visit: Dedicated to showcasing the firm’s expertise in working with those in agribusiness and farming, the new website is easy to navigate and clearly lays out why H&M is the top choice for agribusiness professionals seeking … Continued